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Create your own beautiful world

Our handmade products are available in almost any desired size and

shape. Each of our products are seamlessly welded together, easy to clean and are

Ultra Violet Light and frost resistant

All products are in almost every RAL colour available.

With our special technique we allow our coatings to have many differing textures and

appearances. Be it a fine or rough, directional or graphic, a lot is possible.

Each of our products are handmade in our workshop to each customers

specification so that each product has our high quality finish and is available to each

customer as fast as possible for their new garden or terrace.


PP and HDPE in the form from hollow chamber or full-thickness panels have up to now

mainly been used for industrial purposes. We now use the advantages of the plastics

durability and longevity to produce our Planters, separation walls, Furniture, ponds and much more.

We use our tried and tested system to produce exactly the shape and optic each

individual wishes. RDM Plastics is here to help you plan and design your ideas and bring them to life.

We are always open to new ideas as we have been in the past. Today RDM Plastics is not just

a manufacturer but a producer of innovative objects for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Let yourself be inspired and discover the creative potential of a very special material.


Where possible we use our 50mm hollow chamber plates to produce our

planters. Due to this we offer a light weight but a very stable product.

Not only are our products very stable but they also have a insulating effect

which protects your plants from wind and weather.

When it is not possible to produce the shape with just our hollow chamber

plates we combine them with our full-bodied plates to bring your design to life.

There are no boundaries that we know of.